• 2013 - Customs Brokerage and Import

    Adds the additional service and customs brokerage, as well as important clearance for imports from across the globe.
  • Maintain

  • 2003 - Route to Haiti and the Caribbean

    Specialized route to Port au Prince, Haiti and the Caribbean from Montreal and Canada.
  • 1998 - Cross Border Transport to USA

    PMC Transport begins providing cross border services and transport to and from the United States and Canada.
  • 1994 - Expands to Mediterranean Routes

    With growth in the Mediterranean, PMC Transport expands its routes to include Italy, Greece, Spain, Turkey and Lebanon.
  • 1989 - PMC Transport Founded

    In 1989 PMC Transport is founded to service clients exporting and importing to the Gulf Region and Iran.

PMC Transport Founded in 1989